Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rose, Rose, I Love You~~~


My first try on roses and I thought they turned out wonderful! (self praise, heehee)

It all started when one of my young male colleague quietly approached me to make him a bouquet of roses. (He is aware of my passion for crochet.)  I told him I did not have the experience of making flower.  He told me the bouquet of roses is for his girlfriend and he would like to have 6 stalks. I asked "why 6?" but he just smiled and did not answer my question. I thought to myself wth, there's always a first time and since it is for this young man's girlfriend, I agreed to help him.....but on the condition he must tell me the reason :D

I decided to try Plant June's basic rose pattern as it looked easy to follow and it came complete with the Calyx and Stem tutorial.

It took me one week to finish up the 6 stalks and since this will be a gift of love, I added a little heart to bundle up the roses. Isn't it sweet ?  I feel just great! Mission accomplished.

P.S.  Of course I did not forget to ask him "why 6 stalks?" I have been dying to know for the whole week! The answer is actually very simple, he is together with the girl for 6 weeks :)

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