Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My First Doll Ami

I have decided to make dolls for the little girls at the orphanage so they could play dress-up. My first try in making a doll was far from easy.  Being a newbie, I have difficulty in joining the body parts and yes, I realised my embroidery skill sucks ( _ _").

I have used Alex's Ida pattern Basic Female Doll as linked. Thank you for the pattern and it sure made a newbie's experience easier to link useful tutorials on how to join legs and attach hair.

Upon completion, I was initially flabbergasted by how my doll's head turned out bigger than what was shown in the pattern. Nevertheless, I got accustomed to her "body proportion" and am proud of myself for able to complete her in less than a week. (give myself a pat on the shoulder  ^^)

More to go, fighting!!!

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