Sunday, 21 April 2013

Patrick Star!

My latest addition, introducing Patrick Star, from Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants.

I have actually disliked him a lot as I find him really dumb and irritating. One day while watching the Animal Planet, I came to realise that starfish actually does not have brain! Ok, that's explained why Patrick behaves that way and I turned to sympathise with him.

As I watched more of their animated series (yes, I still enjoy watching cartoon with my kids), I grew to love Patrick and SpongeBob and learned to appreciate their facts of life thinking. Through their idiotic and simple-minded ways, they lead a happy life, every little small life amused them. Now I envy them.

Ok, I chose to work on Patrick as I mentioned I grew to like him and I found Kalena's pattern was easy to follow.   I have not been able to link back to Kalena's site, she owns the blog name "Late Night Hooker".

I decided to miss out the flowers on Patrick's pants as you know, time is really not on my side (yes, I just have to emphasis this again and again).

Wonderful! Another project completed! More to go!

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