Monday, 8 April 2013

Little Ninja

I have done up quite a few ami and I realised I needed to do something for the boys! Boys are also entitled to have dolls you know :)

Was frantically searching the net for patterns and I found a few patterns on ninja.

Tiger Frogg

Sheep Dog's Fleece

Sheep of Delight

In the end, I decided to try out Sheep of Delight's pattern. I thought it would be more fun for the boys to be able to remove the hood or mask as you called.  Yes, it is definitely more challenging for a beginner like me as I must ensure that the hood fitted in nicely.

I was really, really pleased I managed to complete my little ninja. I have pushed my limit further by getting him a cool sword with a shoulder wrap.  Another pat on my shoulder *pat*  :D

Just by thinking some little boys enjoying playing with this ninja I have made. The double in fun in dressing and undressing him and putting on his sword, cool!

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